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Yoga consists primarily of poses known as “Asanas”.   Hatha Yoga is designed to increase your lung capacity through breath control,  enhance your physical body through strengthening and stretching your muscles this in turn helps provides support to your immune system.

Hatha yoga poses range from novice level poses to poses that can challenge even an experienced practitioner.   Movement and breathing are used together to help you flow smoothly from one pose to another.   Our timetable indicates at which level each class will be taught.  All our instructors have years of experience and knowledge to guide you through your class.



Pilates focuses on strengthening your body’s core muscles and improving your posture through a series of repetitive,  low impact stretching and conditioning exercises.   By core muscles, we are talking about your back, abdominal and pelvic muscles.  When our core muscles are weak they begin to compensate for each other.   For example, if your posture is bad, your lower back and hips will move out of their natural alignment to try and compensate for this, leading to instability and possible injury. Together with deep co-ordinated breathing, Pilates also creates an awareness of how your body works, resulting your mind and body working in harmony.  Please note that pilates is strong workout done in an a non-aggressive manner.



 Tai chi is a type of very slow moving martial art very well known for its defence techniques and health benefits. The martial art has evolved over the years into an effective means of alleviating stress and anxiety. It has been considered to be a form of ‘meditation in motion’ which promotes serenity and inner peace.  



These classes, help us to de-stress the clutter from our minds.  Meditation is not easy, but it is one the most important things to start to implement in your life, should you wish to make changes.  The group has been together for so long and there is a wonderful vibration that we have created.  Please remember that meditation to Purple Dove is like “exercise to the mind”, there will be some days you just cannot be bothered and struggle through it and other days you are in the most beautiful peaceful state of bliss.  As I have said it is not easy, but the benefits have been amazing for our members.   Remember meditation is not about you trying to find “nirvana”; it is about you coping with where you are right now in your life. 




  • Union of mind and body
  • Meditative
  • Release tension through the muscles through your poses, deep release which has accumulated from years ago and even from that day.  This release should be done often.
  • Detoxification, this is physical as well as spiritual
  • Massage all internal organs
  • Relaxed feeling of being centred and being able to “cope” again.
  • Yoga Does not care about the size of your body, your flexibility, postures can be adjusted to suit you and once you have learned that, you yoga will enhance.
  • Yoga should be a life-long practice.


  • Physical Conditioning, this is what is wonderful about Pilates, is you are working really hard, but the exercises are not going to aggravate your body.
  • Energising,
  • Building strength without bulking up muscles
  • Doing Pilates will make you so much more aware of your posture.  So no matter what size or shape you are, you look better more confident, because your posture has improved dramatically.
  • It is not just a workout for the core muscles, your whole body benefits from Pilates


Positive form of exercise.  Half the class focuses on toning the body and the 2nd half is going through a yoga sequence.  This is a fun form of exercise and is suitable for somebody who is just getting back into exercise or wanting to maintain a standard of strength and flexibility (please bring trainers).